Note: It is recommended that these activities only be installed if you are using MSTS BIN as some of them use waiting points, etc.

These activities use different pieces of rolling stock. The readme files should provide information on the pieces of rolling stock used by each activity. Alternatively you can use Route Riter to analyse consists and activities to identify missing rolling Stock.

Once you have identified a missing piece of rolling stock, use the Rolling Stock Search page to find missing stock.

Camden No 11 Mixed By the late 1950s, passenger traffic on the Camden Tramway (Branch) was not a priority, so most passenger traffic was carried on Mixed Goods trains. In this activity you will drive No 11 Mixed train to Camden. This service will be double heading two 20 Class locomotives from Campbelltown to Narellan, so that one loco can be used to bank the return Coal service from Narellan. Based on 1958 NSWGR Timetable. 164.57 KB 2142x
Camden No 54 Goods The main traffic that kept the Camden branch open was coal. Coal was loaded at Narellan and transported by rail. Regular trains operated on a daily basis. A lot of trains were banked over Kenny hill as the maximum load for a single 20 class was only 90 tons. Drive a coal tran from Narellan assisted by another 20 class. Based on 1958 NSWGR Timetable. 165.43 KB 2000x
Camden Via Crucis Special On Good Friday, special trains were run to the Franciscian Monastery at Maryfields. Because of the gradients and loadings these trains were double or triple headed. In this activity you will drive one of these specials. 164.28 KB 1964x
Camden No 16 Mixed Goods This mixed Goods runs from Camden and is carrying two milk wagons for the people of Sydney to have fresh milk. This train is heavily loaded so will test the capabilities of the driver and the locomotive. 161.59 KB 1922x
Camden 79 Class Trial to Narellan In 1945 a trial was run using 7923 to test the suitability of using the 79 class on coal traffic from Narellan. This activity replicates the trip to Narellan. 164.19 KB 1943x
Camden Historical Society Special In 1960 a special train was run by the Camden Historical Society. The train was hauled by the 'vintage' locomotive 1243. It is believed that this was the only time that a tender locomotive was used on the branch and required special approval by the authorities. Drive this train. 163.43 KB 1929x